Feather-a-Nest is a non-profit organization for the specific charitable purposes to:
  • partner with other organizations to identify low-income families in the Southeatern Wisconsin area in need of clean, safe and affordable housing;
  • partner with other organizations to identify available housing in the Southeastern Wisconsin area for low-income families;
  • assist low-income families with their housing needs through products and services designed to make their interior living space dignified, clean, safe and functional.
Feather-a-Nest aims to:
  • secure and provide household supplies, materials, furnishings, equipment, accessories and volunteer labor needed in order to rehabilitate the interiors of the available housing;
  • secure and repurpose or reuse donated and unwanted household supplies, materials, furniture, equipment and accessories;
  • secure and repurpose or reuse household furnishings and accessories from deep discount stores or thrift stores run by other organizations;
  • reduce waste and minimize the environmental impact of trash.

Feather-a-Nest recognized by the Racine Vocational Ministry
Recognized with the 13th Annual Endel Williams Community Asset Award, December 2018